Issues and Solutions

Economy and Job Creation

Capitalism is the most successful economic system in terms of providing the overall highest standards of living and unlimited opportunities for those who want to work hard. I am an advocate of the American Dream! The Democrats advocate socialists policies that will destroy America and turn our prosperous democracy into a heavily taxed and regulated welfare state where people are rewarded for not working. This allows the Democrats to concentrate power and wealth in the hands of a few while everyone else’s standard of living decreases. It’s called Socialism. Look at the destruction of Venezuela, which had been the envy of Latin American.

We must encourage our corporations to manufacture here in the U.S.A. and hire U.S. workers by providing a pro-business climate. Our reliance on China is very dangerous and will lead to the serious decline of America.

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Oil and Gas Prices, Production and Clean Energy

We must become energy independent again and produce the energy that we need to bring oil and gas prices down.  Democrats’ policies of clean energy are bankrupting Americans and are seeking to destroy our oil and gas companies. We need solar, wind and fossil fuels. The free- market place is the best regulator as innovations are being put in place that burn fossil fuels in a much cleaner manner. This trend will continue if we allow the great energy companies in the U.S. to thrive. Begging to buy oil and gas from the Middle East and Russia at much higher prices does nothing to reduce carbon emissions but it does significantly weaken America on the world stage and at home.



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Crime in America

Every American deserves to be safe and one of government’s primary purposes is to provide that safety and protection. The Democrats’ insane policies of defunding the police and no bail for violent criminals is causing record numbers of murders, assaults and robberies. We don’t want to be California or New York. We must support our police and enforce the law.




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The Democrats’ open border policy is bringing COVID, crime, drugs and millions of illegal immigrants into our country. The Democrats care about bringing in future voters, no matter the cost to the American taxpayer. I care about you and the legal immigrants who are following our immigration laws.

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A quality education is the cornerstone of success. Education provides the access to opportunities for everyone. I firmly believe in a school curriculum that provides a strong foundation in reading, writing, math and science. We must leave the culturally and racially divisive theories out of our children’s classrooms. I also believe our communities need more charter and magnet schools to provide choice, especially for students in lower income, underperforming schools. We should teach financial literacy in our schools. Students should graduate from high school with a basic understanding of how money works which will in turn help to promote independent, successful adults. I believe there is a strong role for vocational and computer technical training in our schools. Some students don’t want the 4-year college degree path and this exposure provides options to pursue other careers.

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I strongly support Israel as our close ally and friend. I’m very concerned about the Democrats desire to make alliances and agreements with Iran, who seeks to obliterate the Jewish state. Biden’s constant attempts to appease Iran, like his Democrat predecessor, Obama, should concern all Americans. Iran wishes death to America and Israel. Forget the Iran Nuclear Deal and focus on more agreements like the Abraham Accords to bring peace, prosperity and stability to the region.


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Term Limits

There must be term limits for members of Congress. The purpose of serving in Congress is public service. However, the longer these Congress members are in office, their purpose becomes serving the needs of lobbyists and special interests at the expense of the American people.




We must keep our waterways and beaches free from dangerous fertilizers that cause red tide and extensive growth of Sargassum Seaweed. Steps are being taken, especially in and around the Everglades to accomplish this goal and we have to keep on fighting. We must also focus on updating our storm drain and sewage systems to protect the environment and alleviate flooding.

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Health Care

Every American and legal resident has a right to health care. However, our present system of Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare and private insurance are not functioning effectively to bring quality medical care in the most efficient manner. At the present moment, all plans, expect for private insurance, are funded by government taxpayer dollars in a complicated, overlapping, administratively cost prohibitive manner.

Medicaid and the Obamacare plans should be state managed with block grants from the federal government. This would promote efficiency since all states, except for Vermont, have constitutional and/or statutory mandates to balance their budgets each year.

We can bring down overall medical and prescription costs with competition, transparency and plan design innovation.  


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On Tuesday, November 8, 2022,
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